My Story

My musical journey began long before I can even remember. At just 3 years old I stood in the living room in front of my family, armed with a mini guitar while standing on a chair that formed my improvised stage. With the performance consisting of only jumbled melodious words and few improvised strums of the guitar, it’s safe to say it wasn’t my greatest performance. However, my passion for performing had already begun, and little was I aware of the places it was about to take me.

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Early Days

Throughout my school years I was taking piano lessons. It wasn’t until I was 12 when I picked up a full sized guitar and improvised the parts to songs I was listening to at the time. I naturally started teaching myself how to play by watching YouTube videos of cover songs and it wasn’t long until my best friend and I formed a two man band. We practiced our favourite songs in his garage in the middle of winter. He played drums, and I played my old electric guitar that I had only grown into after receiving it as a Christmas present years before. The cold weather didn’t stop our dedication and we soon began to acquire more people to form the rest of the band.

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From performing at locals bars to writing our own music, we had made some unforgettable memories by the time we had all gone off to college. I started performing on my own and discovered a whole new avenue which I was eager to pursue. Continuing the local gigs while still at college, I started writing my own music. Taking advantage of the college studios, I managed to record all the parts (with the exception of drums) to what turned out to be my first single, Outta the Cage. A song about my transition from the bad times I had at school to a more focussed path in life.

I had a newfound love for country music shortly after releasing Outta the Cage. Whilst growing up, my Gran always played rock & roll and early country music from the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell. Combined with my love for modern country music, both eras had a heavy influence in the songs I was writing at the time and my next project was soon in the pipe line.

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In the summer of 2015 I released my debut EP ‘One Of Them Kinda Nights’ - Which can be found on all major online music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. It was a huge milestone for me having put my latest body of work out for everyone to enjoy. My song Won’t Be Long even got national air play on BBC Radio - Shortly followed by a BBC Introducing interview and live session with Nottingham legend Dean Jackson.

The excitement in 2015 didn't stop at the release of my EP - I had one of the most interesting invitations of my career. I was invited to perform a couple of Christmas cover songs in front of 500 people live on air at St Mary's Church in Nottingham for the BBC's annual Carol Service. It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone at the time! See picture below.

Being part of a newly wedded couple’s special day is great, but performing the music for their first dance is something really special.
Performing live for the BBC Carol Service in 2015 at St Mary's Church in Nottingham.

Performing live for the BBC Carol Service in 2015 at St Mary's Church in Nottingham.

Recent Days

In 2017, myself and a close friend I made while travelling to the states the previous year teamed up to create a country duo. We had the incredible opportunity of being sponsored to visit Nashville for a month to write and record an EP. Writing with some of the most influential songwriters in the industry was a life-long dream prior to this amazing adventure. 

My love for performing has extended into Weddings, Corporate Events, Christenings, Bars. The list goes on. Being part of a newly wedded couple's special day is great, but performing the music for their first dance is something really special. 

I look forward to creating a day full of wonderful entertainment at your upcoming event, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how I can tailor my services for you.